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Applications are to be filed with the Agency of Intellectual Property of RA
Documents marked * may be compiled by your representative.

  1. Application must include:

    • request for granting patent in Armenian language in the form determined by the Regulations on Drawing up and Filing Application for Industrial Design (hereinafter – Regulations), containing full name(s) of the applicant(s), full name(s) of the author(s) and its(their) country code(s);
    • set of photos with image of the product (or its model or drawing) giving a clear idea of the product appearance;
    • industrial design description in compliance with the Regulations;
    • drawings, scheme, card (if necessary);
    • document confirming official fee payment for filing application;
    • Power of Attorney in the form provided by the attorney (our form is here).
  2. For claiming 6 months priority it is necessary to file (within three months from the filing date)

    • request for priority with reference to the filing date and priority application number if application was filed in a foreign Paris Convention country or with reference to the date of industrial design demonstration at an exhibitions on the territory of a Paris Convention country (an appropriate note may be done in the request for granting patent);
    • copy of the priority application or document confirming industrial design demonstration at the exhibitions;
    • translation of the copy of priority application or document confirming industrial design demonstration at exhibition into Armenian.